The DeLorean Museum, Inc. News

July 5, 2013 - The DeLorean Museum website is very pleased to announce the acquisition of the remaining files of Christopher Bradley, the former head of the Experimental Workshop at the DeLorean factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This treasure trove of items includes photos, thousands of pages of notes, memos, drawings and more related to his tenure. Never before seen details on the press cars, gold cars, burgundy and blue interior cars and more are within what is now being referred to as "The Christopher Bradley Archive". This collection of material is now being cataloged, scanned and organized. Watch our Facebook page for more details and news about this great acquisition!

July 31 , 2007 - The DeLorean Museum website is updated with content regarding donations to the Museum. More items are being added monthly. Sign up to be notified when further updates are posted.

January 2, 2007 -  This message was received by the Museum Directors and is posted here for the benefit of those concerned.

On behalf of AllSportsMarket, Ace Underhill and Chris Rabalais are donating 200,000 shares (100,000 each) of common stock in AllSportsMarket, Inc. (DE.)

Our business plan places the public offer of our stock on a 24 month (or less) calendar from this day. The intended exchange is NASDAQ in the United States.

Details of this transaction can be found posted in our public forum:
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November 30, 2006 -  After twenty-five years since the introduction of the DeLorean car, we're seeing more and more interest in the car, and we believe that the time is right to begin seriously thinking about how best to preserve and display the history of not only the DeLorean automobile, but the history of the original DeLorean Motor Company and John DeLorean, himself.

Earlier this month, DeLorean Motor Company began the process of forming a corporation, with the further intent of acquiring 501(c)(3) status, in the name of The DeLorean Museum, Inc. Just a few days ago, the Articles of Incorporation were filed with, and accepted by, the State of Texas.

The plan is for the eventual creation of a physical museum, with a goal of accreditation by the American Association of Museums, to preserve and display the history of all things DeLorean-related for the education and interest of present and future DeLorean owners and enthusiasts.

We've put together a group of twelve like-minded individuals who believe that this history is worthy of preservation and these founding members have freely given of their time and support to get this organization off the ground.

In addition to some financial support, DeLorean Motor Company (Texas) formation including original tooling, engineering drawings, records, other documentation and memorabilia. Until such time as a permanent home for these items exists, they will rotate on display at their Texas location.

Getting the necessary funding to create and staff that permanent home will be one of the immediate goals of the organization, and no stone will be left unturned in the search for the capital to bring this to fruition. We also expect that donations in various forms from those within the DeLorean industry, as well as owners and enthusiasts will be requested and received.

A website has been set up at: www.deloreanmuseum.org and more news and updates will be posted in the coming weeks.